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We partnership with radios, clubs and other entertainment companies to produce large live shows in any venue. Contact us with your request.


We provide assistance for corporate events, acting  as a producer and handle the entire musical portion of the event, efficiently delivering full concerts. We also provide live entertainment for special corporate or private events.

•All contracts negotiated and delivered to your home or office

•A producer on-site to coordinate the entertainment portion of the evening.

•Optional sound, lighting, staging and equipment rentals.

•Airfares, hotel accommodations and internal ground transportation coordination for your invitees is available.

•Optional pictures and autograph signings.

•Our talents can perform in many formats, anywhere from a 4 piece band to a full 15 piece concert with dancers.

music production

Turn Table

Our services also include studio recording, music production, mastering, photography, videography and disk duplication and distribution services. Our in house team, includes music producers, musicans, photographers, videographers and music composers.


We've worked with stablished and upcoming artist of all genres to prepare your project in all areas when producing your album or your next single. We have two in house production studios to provide you with all levels of pre production, recording, mixing mastering. Our partnerships also gives our company access top quality facilities around the USA resulting in industry standard results every-time.r



Our services for marketing and branding focuses on finding your voice and developing a strategy to reach an audience that will retain value and add to your sales reputation and leadership in the industry of your choice.


Our consultation services range from campaign design, blog submission, email campaigns along with developing and creating marketing material such as photography, graphic design, video production and content creation. Whether that is a music video as an artist, commercial video campaign for your product or idealizing a photography session that will capture the essence and voice of your brand and company.

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