About Drey-C


Drey-C has done over 5,000 shows, released 9 albums, music videos and holds heavy airplay on crawler radios overseas based on ASCAP statement with his #1 single from his first ever debut single "I'm Your Sister's Boyfriend" which he wrote and produced. 

Drey-C is a versatile entertainer with over a decade of on stage experience with a vast musical repertory, including the best of top 40, dance, rock and R&B. Drey-C’s shows can range from a high energy concert to an intimate acoustic performance; from a 3,4 or 5 piece band, to a 9 piece concert production.
With this adaptable range of formats Drey-C has the ability to deliver the style and energy of an authentic pop icon, putting you in the front row of a vivid, personalized concert, always with an impeccable wardrobe to match. He is truly an international act, as he is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.
For the last decade Drey-C and his band have become a household name at the Walt Disney World Resorts and Parks and amongst other corporations like House of Blues, DEG, Espn, Fox, Hilton Resorts, OBB Resorts Bahamas. You can always count on his shows for nothing but the best of today’s top 40 hits and also his original music.

Drey-C Live in Concert Highlights

New Years Eve Show Downtown Disney 2013-2014

New Years Eve Show Epcot Center Disney 2010-2011